Lake Allatoona Preservation Authority

The Mission of the Lake Allatoona Preservation Authority is to provide stewardship of the Greater Lake Allatoona Watershed in order to restore, preserve and protect water quality and uses beneficial for present and future generations. The Authority identifies and addresses issues impacting the lake and is the repository of the latest information, technology and conditions of the watershed. We educate, motivate, empower and unify individuals and diverse groups, enhancing personal responsibility and involvement to promote the Authority's mission.

Life Around the Lake

For animals and humans alike, Lake Allatoona is a great place to live. This section introduces you to a variety of wildlife: the fish within the lake, the animals around it, the birds above, and all the flora and fauna you can find at Allatoona. We'll also share the human elements of life around the lake – the marinas, parks, campgrounds and other attractions that draw residents and visitors alike.

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